Hey all! We are still processing any and all orders made from our Crystals & Coffee website as we continue to move products over to our new brand, feel free to come visit the new website it may have exactly what you are looking for.

love, Carly.


Hey You! Happy New Year.

It's been one hell of a 2020-2021 and it's time for us to go back to our roots. So much has changed over the past two years, the world has become more unknown each and every day.

Our Children need us that little bit more. Covid has been extremely hard on our business, we've had to close, our staff are put off, our doors shut and our local friends also shut out. We would like to end 2021 with not a Goodbye, but a see you later.

As we close our Crystals & Coffee doors, we open a new venture. We will be rebranding and bringing our Crystals home where we can be close to work and family. Being away from our children with special needs has proven to be just that little harder than we anticipated and we struggled to juggle everything over the past two years, we weren't open enough, we weren't home enough we couldn't be in all places at once.

But we are also extremely passionate about our work and want to be able to do both and dedicate the correct hours to each. So we will be working from home again! Which means yes, you can still get those Crystals & Metaphysical items you love from your favourite person, (me right?)

... Please contact us if you have a valid Gift Card and we can move it over onto our new platform

We do hope you continue with us for 2022.. and please keep your eyes peeled for all new brand and website coming Jan 1st 2022! And we do want to see those familiar faces and names on our orders list. All of my Love, Carly