10 easy ways to maximise your crystal collection

If you are reading this email then there is no denying that you are a Crystal fan, but…are you a Crystal master? They are pretty, sparkly, and make unique decorations - but there is more to each crystal than meets the eye. If you began your Crystal journey like most, you may have been drawn to Crystal energy but didn’t realllly know how to use them. From gridding and manifestation to beauty rituals and massage, read on for 10 easy ways to make the most out of your crystal collection.

1. Meditation - One of the easiest ways to begin using crystals is during meditation. If your are not someone who regularly mediates - this is your sign to start. While we all struggle to find time for ourselves when balancing the chaos of everyday life, 10 minutes of peace can make the world of difference. You can either intuitively choose what you think is calling to you, or select a meditation specific crystal like amethyst, selenite or clear quartz. Place the stones in the palm of your hands, sit in a comfortable position, allow your mind to be free of clutter and focus on channeling your intentions.

2. Chakra Healing - If you follow us on Instagram (you really should) you would have seen our post on crystals for chakra balancing. One of the quickest ways to give your body a metaphysical top up is with chakra themed meditation. This involves lying down with chakra specific crystals on each zone and envisioning that coloured light radiating from the chakra. If you struggle to keep your mind still during meditation, I recommend playing sound healing music in the background - YouTube has plenty of free options available.

3. Sleep aid - Crystals for sleep is one of the most heavily requested in store, and it’s no wonder when sleep disappears at the first sign of stress. Whether you struggle to get to sleep, wake up frequently, or experience night terrors there is a crystal companion for all. The anxiety relieving properties of Lepidolite will calm the mind before sleep, while Amethyst and Moonstone will work to keep dreams light and pleasant. Place your chosen stone under your pillow, or for the side sleepers whose arms will get in the way simply place them above or beside your bed.

4. Solar Plexus Massage - This practice may sound foreign to many, but is a game changer for those suffering from chronic anxiety. Often when we are stressed and anxious, our chest and abdomen become uncomfortably tight. To release tension and unblock stored energy, use a soothing oil and solar plexus crystal such as citrine, tigers eye, citrine or moonstone for a gentle massage. You will need a polished stone to ensure the oil won’t erode, and because nobody wants a massage with rough, jagged edges. Starting under the ribcage use soft, sweeping motions to melt the tension away and down the sides.

5. Crown Boosting Buns - It may sound weird, but it works. If you (like me) let you hair live in an unwashed bun 99% of the time, turn your lazy lifestyle into an energy boosting power move. Simply place a piece of amethyst into the centre of your top knot, add another elastic band to tighten and enjoy the day with your secret superpower. Side note - make sure your bun is on the top of your head NOT a low bun - you need to place the crystal where the crown chakra is located and also ensure it doesn’t fall out at work and turn you into that crazy crystal lady.

6. Home Decor - Make your home the envy of your friends with crystal decorations. Way better than boring vases and statues, crystal pieces will make a statement while raising the vibration of your home. Think amethyst slabs, salt lamps, book ends, selenite bowls and crystal towers. If your tumble collection is overflowing and you don’t know how to store them, gather pieces together to form an in house alter that doubles as a head turning meditation zone.

7. Protection Grids - Another way to maximise the healing energies of your home is to form a protective grid and leave bad energies at the door. One of the easiest ways to do this is with Black Tourmaline, Obsidian or Labradorite. Cleanse your crystals and set their intention, then place them in the four corners of your home. For an added level of protection, placing Smokey Quartz or Tiger’s Eye by the front door will dispel the negative energies of those who have brought their mood into your sanctuary.

8. Bathing Rituals - Bathing rituals have come a long way since the days of group baths in Ancient Rome. For a less creepy and more relaxing way to cleanse, skip the shower and opt for a crystal infused bath. Adding water safe crystals such as Rose, Smokey or Clear Quartz is an easy way to detox yourself of negativity, and leave the bath radiating positive energy.

9. Jewellery - For crystal power on the go, jewellery is your go-to. While we often choose jewellery that we think looks pretty or suits our mood, placing jewellery in different areas of the body corresponds with different healing zones. For example - crystal rings worn on the left hand will attract energy that energy where as rings worn on the right will send that energy out. When choosing necklaces, stones best suited are throat chakra specific such as turquoise, aquamarine or amazonite for better communication and confidence when speaking. Crystal earrings are an easy way to sandwich the brain with healing energy, so think rose quartz for kind thoughts, pyrite for money manifestation or fluorite for focus and decision making.

10. Plant Power - Are you a…plant killer? If you’ve been following all the water vs. sunlight rules but are still clocking up serial killer numbers, let the power of crystals revitalise your plant babies. Malachite, moss agate and green aventurine will help to calm stressed out plants so they have the energy to grow, while clear quartz will make them more resistant to disease.

With love and light, 

The Crystals + Coffee Team

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