All about Anxiety - A Metaphysical Approach

Crystals for anxiety is THE most frequently googled crystal question, and it’s no wonder with a global pandemic gatecrashing our already stressful lives. If depression is linked to holding on to the past, anxiety is classed as excessively worrying about the future and potential negative outcomes. Or, in the words of Papa Roach it is the ‘sane and the insane rivalry’ that mind battles throughout the day.

Anxiety symptoms are broad and effect people in different ways, from dizziness, vertigo, heart palpitations and panic attacks to avoidance, compulsive behaviour and chronic over thinking. Shockingly, telling someone to ‘calm down’‘stop stressing’ or ‘let it go’ does little but exasperate a person’s anxiety. 

So, if you too are an anxiety warrior - what exactly can you do about it? Speaking to your doctor and tailoring a treatment plan suited to your needs is the recommended first step, but there are many ways in which metaphysical tools can be used to complement the healing process. We’ve compiled a list of self soothing tools and rituals to help bring you back to the present moment, and ease that anxious mind.  


Crystals Crystals can work to calm and soothe anxiety in a multitude of different ways. Whether you wear yours, meditate with them or simply keep them close at hand, they are a physical reminder to remain present and treat yourself with kindness. Here are some of our top anxiety reducing stones:  

Lepidolite = to calm and rebalance your emotions, halt an overthinking mind and promote a peaceful sleep. Lepidolite contains lithium - a common ingredient of most anti anxiety medications. Place lepidolite on your forehead for a 5 minute mediation before, and feel the serene energy help you drift off to sleep.

Amethyst = to soothe the stresses of everyday life, remind you to trust your intuition and protect you from the negative thoughts in your mind. Amethyst will help guard you from the toxic energies of others, so you are able to focus on the healing within. Keep amethyst in your living room and bedroom to create a ‘safe space’ that you can escape to.

Rhodonite = to calm panic and the feeling of ‘drowning’ that anxiety induces, release stored trauma and past hurt from the body. Rhodonite will help remind you who you were before anxiety took over, reground and rebalance your energies. Use Rhodonite when journalling or meditating, to let go of the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Rose Quartz = to balance your emotions and promote love for the self as well as others. Anxiety can often leave us picking ourselves to pieces, or snapping at the ones we love, so use the comforting energy of rose quartz to bring your heart chakra back into alignment.

Sodalite = to balance the throat chakra and boost self expression, especially when anxiety prevents you from getting the right words out or standing up for yourself. With a calm and peaceful energy, sodalite will stop us from becoming over emotional. Perfect for taking with you to work or social situations, let sodalite be your secret weapon to get you through the day. 

Shungite = to soak up all the stress and negativity so you don’t have to. A grounding and protective stone, use shungite in stressful situations to avoid adding other peoples toxicity to your overwhelmed plate. Shungite is best worn as jewellery or in the pocket, bringing you back to reality in times of heightened emotions.

Meditation - Meditation is one of the best, free, anti anxiety practices out there. While it can be extremely difficult to sit still and calm the mind when you have SO much to worry about, steadying the breath will involuntarily relax the nervous system and spread feelings of peace. When you are in the midst of an anxiety crisis, don’t put too much pressure on yourself as to how this practice unfolds. Completing an hour long meditation every day is hard to do even for the most practiced of yogis, but a simple 5 minute time out can make the world of difference. Next time you’re in an overwhelmed state, select a couple of anxiety busting crystals, pop on a YouTube guided meditation and escape from the mental prison you’re in.

Journalling - One of the most underrated tools in healing from depression and anxiety is journalling. When you have a million thoughts racing through your head, it can be hard to make sense of them and get through your daily tasks. The physical act of writing things down works to release pent up emotions, and slow down the merry go round of negative thoughts. If you can shift your focus to writing about things you are grateful for, or positive memories, your body will reward you with a free shot of dopamine.

With love and light, 

The Crystals + Coffee Team

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