Crystal Index

All interpretations of Crystal meanings & properties were written by Crystals & Coffee. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoyed writing them.


Top 3 properties - Protection / Calming / Cleansing
Chakra - Crown / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Aries / Aquarius / Pisces / Sagittarius  
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration 
Info - Amethyst is the Wonder Woman of the crystal community - powerful, protective, calming and cleansing. Useful for protection against physic attacks and negative energy, amethyst will guard you from the energy vampires and toxic friends. An emotional powerhouse, amethyst will help you to overcome addiction, alleviate stress, anxiety, fear and depression - think of it as your doctor, psychologist and best friend all in one. Keep amethyst close by your bed to ensure you are protected from negative thoughts throughout the night and to encourage a deeper, dreamier sleep.

Australian Print Jasper 

Top 3 properties - Focus / Clarity / Stability 
Chakra -  Root 
Zodiac - Aries / Scorpio 
Stone Feel / Aura - Slow / Steady 
Info -  Australian Print Jasper, nicknamed Newspaper Jasper, has a grounding, protective energy. A nurturing stone, it rebalances yin and yang energies to restore harmony between the body and mind. Australian Jasper enhances focus and clarity, and helps a cluttered mind to reconnect with intuition. The stabilising energy of Australian Jasper encourages one to move forward in life with focused determination, so if you have been avoiding your to-do list, it’s time to invest. Slow and steady may win the race, but only with Australian Print Jasper in the pocket.

Aqua Aura (USA + CHINA) 

Top 3 properties - Cleansing / Communication / Divine Guidance
Chakra - Throat / Heart
Zodiac - Aquarius 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration 
Info - Aqua aura is a part natural / part man made stone, originating from the United States, India and China. Used to enhance communication on all levels, aqua aura will allow you to express yourself clearly and connect with higher guidance. Aqua aura encourages one to trust in the universe, and go with the flow of life. A perfect stone for those caught in the social media comparison trap, it reminds you to honour your path and be patient with the timing in which it occurs. The high vibrational energy of aqua aura works to cleanse and purify your personal aura, and protects from psychic attack. It’s healing energy will work to alleviated side effects of stress, such as depression, anxiety and chronic overthinking.

Aragonite (Blue) 

Top 3 properties - Communication / Acceptance / Transformation 
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration
Info -  Transformation in nature, aragonite brings about new beginnings, clarity and acceptance. Think of it as your affordable psychologist, pushing you to undercover hidden truths and confront the pain you have been avoiding. Don’t be afraid to dive into self reflection, the soothing energy of aragonite will support you through these emotional transitions. Once the emotional work is done, aragonite will build you back up promoting feelings of joy, optimism, empathy and heightened intuition. Connecting with the throat and third eye chakras it’s communicative abilities will turn you into a smooth talker, helping you find the right words to express yourself every time.


Aragonite (Brown) 

Top 3 properties - Clarity / Acceptance / Transformation 
Chakra -  Root
Zodiac - Capricorn
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration
Info -  Aragonite is a stone of transformation, encouraging perspective and acceptance of the truth. It’s grounding energy will work to stabilise during periods of stress, providing the user with mental and emotional support. A perfect stone for new parents or those in managerial roles - it will combat anger issues, increase patience and understanding. By boosting self worth and confidence, Aragonite will remind you that you are strong enough to get through this - whether you asked for this change or not. It’s physical benefits can be felt throughout the body, easing aches, pains, night twitches and boosting vitamin reserves.


Top 3 properties - Awareness / Self Expression / Perception 
Chakra - Crown / Third Eye / Throat 
Zodiac - Aquarius 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Angelite is a stone for those looking to heal, transform and step into their highest self. Useful for transforming pain, anger and anxiety into compassion and light, this crystal is perfect for those wanting to overcome trauma. As well as soothing the mind, Angelite works to enhance it by strengthening the communication with spirit guides and guardian angels. A useful stone for meditation and astral projection, when used regularly your psychic abilities will begin to grow. Perfect for facing and overcoming challenges, Angelite is the stone we all need to return to our highest path.


Top 3 properties - Manifestation / Communication / Balance 
Chakra - Third Eye 
Zodiac - Gemini / Capricorn / Pisces 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Apatite is a stone for the dreamers who want to become doers. Highly motivational and uplifting in energy, Apatite fuels one with the power to achieve their desired goals. Working to expand upon knowledge and align with a higher perspective, Apatite encourages focus, learning and acceptance. Useful for manifestation and depending meditation practices it is a stone perfect for aligning with your highest self. Also known as the diet stone, apatite can be used to raise the metabolic rate, encourage healthy eating and draw off negativity from the self. It can be useful reducing hyperactivity in children, making it your go to move for encouraging quiet time.

Agate (Blue Lace)

Top 3 properties - Communication / Calming / Healing 
Chakra - Throat Chakra 
Zodiac - Pisces
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth / Medium Vibration 
Info - Blue Lace Agate is a multi purpose healing stone, targeting the throat, thyroid and skeletal system. A great stone to turn to during the chaotic energies of Mercury Retrograde for it works to neutralise anger, and inspire a sense of calm and tranquility. Its healing properties soothe inflammation and infection, making it your perfect companion for sore throats, tonsillitis, and thyroid issues. If you are in desperate need of overcoming the fear of what others think of you, allow this stone to support and transform your communication skills. One for the people pleasers and sensitive souls - may Blue Lace Agate encourage you to find your voice and honour your truth.

Apache Tear

Top 3 properties - Protection / Healing / Grief 
Chakra - Root Chakra 
Zodiac - Aries 
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Gentle Vibration 
Info - Apache Tears are part of the black obsidian family, making it a powerful stone for grounding and protection. Famous for the dark history behind their origins, Apache Tears are a symbol for grief, pain and sorrow. When the Apache Indian tribe was invaded and massacred by the American cavalry, those remaining chose to jump from the cliffs and die with honour. The grieving widows and women from the tribe wept and mourned those who were lost for a full moon cycle, with their tears forever imbedded into the stones below. If you hold your Apache Tear up to the light, the dark stone turns translucent revealing the tear inside. Useful for overcoming depression, clearing and releasing the negative energy hat is holding you back. From a physical perspective, Apache Tears can work to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and calm muscle spasms.


Top 3 properties - Soothing / Fortune /Luck 
Chakra - Throat / Heart 
Zodiac - Virgo
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Gentle Vibration 
Info - Affectionately known as the ‘hope stone’, Amazonite has a soft, gentle energy. By stimulating the throat and heart chakras, Amazonite works to highlight our true feelings - giving the user the ability to think from the highest perspective. Amazonite can be used to balance chakras, heal emotional trauma and dispel negative energy. It can be also used as a part of manifestation practice, to enhance luck or inspire confidence and hope. With the ability to motivate lazy people and encourage tidiness - stash this one in your kid’s rooms and on your partner’s side of the wardrobe.


African Turquoise

Top 3 properties - Transformation / Awareness / Higher Connection 
Chakra - Third Eye 
Zodiac - Sagittarius / Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration 
Info - Connected to the Third Eye, African Turquoise symbolises growth, evolution and spiritual development. Not technically a turquoise, this stone is African Jasper - mined and colour treated to enhance the rich blue shades. A useful crystal to add to your meditation practice, African Turquoise will help to unlock your inner wisdom, open your mind to new possibilities and discover your divine purpose. On a physical level, African Turquoise aids in healing from depression, boosts circulation and heart health. A wonderful stone for the reformed and current smokers, give your insides a boost while encouraging yourself to see the light. Keep some African Turquoise in your home and office to stimulate creativity and open the mind to new possibilities.



Top 3 properties - Cleansing / Healing / Protective
Chakra - Solar Plexus / Sacral 
Zodiac - Cancer / Leo
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth
Info - Amber is a curious stone, for it is technically not crystal or mineral but instead fossilised tree resin. As it can be used to preserve life (cue Jurassic Park flashbacks) it was traditionally used in ancient funeral rituals and considered a stone to connect the grieving with the afterlife. Highly regarded for it’s healing abilities, you will often see amber bracelets on the limbs of babes going through the dreaded teething phase. Protective, soothing and purifying, Amber is a bright stone connected to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. Useful at cleansing environments and absorbing negative energies, amber can also be used to remove toxicity from relationships, or from the self.



Top 3 properties - Balance / Protection / Communication
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Pisces 
Stone Feel / Aura - Gentle 
Info -  Aquamarine has a gentle vibration, perfect for balancing emotions, calming fears and phobias. Useful at building courage, overcoming judgement and the fear of what others think - this stone rules over communication through the Throat / Third Eye Chakras. From a physical perspective, Aquamarine is used to heal sore throats, thyroid problems and regulate hormone imbalance caused by the pituitary gland. With the ability to transcend the user into a higher state of consciousness, the tranquil energy of Aquamarine makes it one for meditation practices and oracle readings. As a blocked throat chakra often arises through past hurt and injustice, use the balancing properties of Aquamarine to let go of grudges, encourage understanding emotional stability.



Top 3 properties - Balance / Connection / Detoxify
Chakra - Third Eye / Solar Plexus 
Zodiac - Libra 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration / Hard 
Info - Emerging from Bolivia in the 70s, Ametrine is the love child of amethyst and citrine. As both stones are detoxifiers, together they form a natural powerhouse to cleanse and rebalance the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Featuring the masculine energy of citrine and feminine energy of amethyst, this stone is a perfect balance of yin and yang - useful for achieving harmony in romantic partnerships. Encouraging balance, connection and self confidence Ametrine will enable you to develop your personal power, without the risk of ego taking over. Physical benefits of Ametrine are evident in the detoxification process, releasing blockages and negative programming stored in the body. Bringing insight into why you feel a certain way, Ametrine can help you overcome procrastination, self sabotage and creative blockages.

Aventurine (Blue) 

Top 3 properties -  Intuition / Clarity / Communication 
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Virgo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth / Gentle 
Info -  Blue Aventurine is closely linked to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, with the ability to clear blockages and stagnant energy. It encourages the user to take responsibility over their life, remain open for growth and enjoy the journey instead of worrying about the outcome. Useful at relieving anxiety, sharpening focus and providing mental clarity. If you are someone with a chaotic mind, use Blue Aventurine to quieten the voices and act intuitively. The throat chakra is responsible for our communication, so to speak with empathy, integrity and honesty add some Blue Aventurine to your crystal healing practices.

Aventurine (Green) 

Top 3 properties -  Healing / Positivity / Abundance
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Virgo / Taurus 
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth 
Info -  Green Aventurine is your good luck charm, carry it in your pocket to attract new opportunities, financial abundance and a healthy dose of confidence. Useful at converting a negative outlook back to a state of hope and optimism, Green Aventurine will reignite your zest for life. The healing component of green aventurine is used to strengthen eyesight, improve skin ailments, encourage vitality and growth. A great stone for those who have experienced financial hardship and need to reset their money mindset, encouraging them hope is not lost and mindset is the key to manifestation. Used to open and rebalance the heart chaka  green aventurine will heal emotional wounds and soothe those resistant to change.

Aventurine (Yellow) 

Top 3 properties -  Confidence / Balance / Clarity 
Chakra - Solar Plexus
Zodiac - Aries 
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth 
Info - Yellow Aventurine is a stone of joy, healing the solar plexus chakra to achieve a state of quiet confidence. The harmonising energy of aventurine balances out the yin and yang of the body, allowing those struggling with indecisiveness or hypersensitivity to feel intuitive and secure. Aiding in emotional detoxification, use yellow aventurine to ease anxiety and depression caused by stored trauma in the body. Physically, yellow aventurine is used to sooth allergies and sinus problems, migraines and tension headaches. One for the creative types this stone will clear creative blocks, encourage new ways of thinking and free flow of ideas.

Aventurine (Blue) 

Top 3 properties -  Intuition / Clarity / Communication 
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Virgo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth / Gentle 
Info -  Blue Aventurine is closely linked to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, with the ability to clear blockages and stagnant energy. It encourages the user to take responsibility over their life, remain open for growth and enjoy the journey instead of worrying about the outcome. Useful at relieving anxiety, sharpening focus and providing mental clarity. If you are someone with a chaotic mind, use Blue Aventurine to quieten the voices and act intuitively. The throat chakra is responsible for our communication, so to speak with empathy, integrity and honesty add some Blue Aventurine to your crystal healing practices.

Aventurine (Grey) 

Top 3 properties -  Spiritual Guidance / Balance / Prosperity 
Chakra - Third Eye 
Zodiac - Leo / Aries 
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth  
Info - Grey aventurine is the missing link connecting you to magic of the universe. Use it to strengthen your aura, unlock your metaphysical talents and let go of ego. Useful at attracting abundance, grey aventurine will make you feel like you have the Midas touch. With the ability to neutralise anger and irritation, this stone will balance your energy back to a state of calm. Those with inflammation and nervous system issues will benefit from the healing energies of aventurine, in particular those suffering migraines, acne and allergies. Also used to stimulate the metabolism and rebalance blood pressure, aventurine is a crystal suited to all.

Aventurine (Purple) 

Top 3 properties -  Healing / Balancing / Intuitive 
Chakra - Crown Chakra 
Zodiac - Aries
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth 
Info - Purple aventurine is the crystal companion for those who feel lost, uncertain about the future and full of anxiety. Use it to bring out your spiritual side, seek clarity and reconnect with the higher self. Purple aventurine can restore imbalance in the body, correcting yin and yang or the masculine and feminine energy stores.  As a healing stone it will work to trap negativity and convert it to positive energy. Recommend for healers - whether western or holistic - to re energise and detach from draining energy chords.

Aventurine (Orange) 

Top 3 properties - Fortune / Healing / Uplifting 
Chakra - Solar Plexus / Sacral 
Zodiac - Taurus 
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth 
Info - If you are looking to press ‘mute’ on the harsh inner critic within, use the healing, uplifting energy of Orange Aventurine. Nicknamed the ‘Whisper Stone’, this shade of Aventurine is used to overcome judgement and silence self doubt. Considered a stone of fortune, use it to manifest new opportunities, boost optimism, joy and happiness. If you are prone to rushing through life or living in your head, Orange Aventurine energy will enable you to remain present and rediscover the beauty in everyday life.


Top 3 properties - Consciousness / Healing / Spiritual Connection 
Chakra - Third Eye 
Zodiac - Aquarius and Sagittarius 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Azurite is a stone for those looking to put in the shadow work and step into their higher power. Used to stimulate the third eye, Azurite will clear emotional blockages and activate the wisdom within. The healing elements of Azurite work on a karmic level, dissolving anxiety patterns and stored emotional trauma. When used in meditation, this stone will help you understand the origin of your fears so you may work to overcome them. Physical benefits of Azurite lie in it’s ability to soothe headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo and other effects of an unbalanced third eye. When used in the work place Azurite can bring out the natural leader in you and assist in overcoming imposter syndrome (the fear of being under-qualified). The soothing energy of Azurite will calm down those who talk too much when nervous, making it a perfect companion for job interviews or the dreaded meet with the in-laws.

Top 3 properties - Soothing / Fortune /Luck 
Chakra - Throat / Heart 
Zodiac - Virgo
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Gentle Vibration 

Info - Affectionately known as the ‘hope stone’, Amazonite has a soft, gentle energy. By stimulating the throat and heart chakras, Amazonite works to highlight our true feelings - giving the user the ability to think from the highest perspective. Amazonite can be used to balance chakras, heal emotional trauma and dispel negative energy. It can be also used as a part of manifestation practice, to enhance luck or inspire confidence and hope. With the ability to motivate lazy people and encourage tidiness - stash this one in your kid’s rooms and on your partner’s side of the wardrobe.



Top 3 properties - Awareness / Healing / Higher Connection
Chakra - Heart / Crown / Throat 
Zodiac - Aquarius 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration / Rough 
Info - Barite is a commonly occurring mineral derived from barium sulphate, often nicknamed Desert Rose or Sand Rose due to its unusual circular formations. Focusing on balancing the upper body through the heart, throat and crown chakras it is a powerhouse that soothes the nervous system, releases trapped emotions, removes toxins and aids in addiction recovery. Perfect for anxious souls and healers, this stone will clear confusion, reduce limitation and reinstate the ideology that anything is possible. From a spiritual perspective Barite is used to strengthen intuition, inner vision, manifestation and inter-dimensional travel. It provides clarity and mutual understanding in relationships, so add this one to your collection for a little more insight than Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Banded Calcite

Top 3 properties - Cleansing / Amplifying / Healing 
Chakra - Sacral / Root 
Zodiac -  Cancer 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Uplifting / Amplifying 
Info - Banded Calcite, an energy amplifying stone that ‘fixes everything’. Used to cleanse one’s environment and aura of negative energy, banded calcite will ensure there is nothing but good vibes coming your way. A great stone for healing work, even over distance, it will strengthen the vibration and direction of energy to reach its intended target. Banded calcite is a stone to turn to when processing emotions, helping one to see through their emotional reactions and discover the truth. Connected to the root and sacral chakras, it keeps the user balanced, grounded and level headed. Banded calcite is the stone to turn to to ‘get things done’, combatting laziness, fatigue and procrastination.

Black Tourmaline 

Top 3 properties - Protection / Grounding / Psychic Protection 
Chakra - Root 
Zodiac - Scorpio, Sagittarius  
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth / Powerful 
Info - Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective and grounding stone, clearing away internalised anger and reminding us to choose the higher path. Think of it as the older brother of the crystal family, shielding you from negativity whilst encouraging you to feel confident and strong. Black Tourmaline is associated with justice, giving the wearer the strength to say no to what is not right for them and respectfully stand up to others when it is due. A good stone for victims of physical and emotional abuse, use it to see through the toxic people and cut the energy chords of those that drain you. Often used in cleansing rituals for the home, black tourmaline will clear out the dormant negative energy and shield from psychic attack. Use black tourmaline in meditation and manifestation to highlight areas of unresolved trauma and allow you to finally let go.


Black Moonstone

Top 3 properties - Intuition / Protection / New Beginnings 
Chakra - Third Eye / Crown 
Zodiac - Cancer / Scorpio / Libra 
Stone Feel / Aura - Divine Feminine
Info - Black Moonstone has a strong, unique energy due to it’s connection to divine feminine energy. One for those striving to be their highest self, the protective energy of black moonstone illuminate your path while shielding you from negative energies. Black moonstone has the ability to provide protection while not closing off the heart, allowing you to still be there for others without being dragged down with them - aka the perfect companion for family gatherings or catch ups with your narcissistic friend.  Black Moonstone will help strengthen intuition and connect with spirit guides, increasing synchronicities to prove you are on the right path. A good stone for new moon rituals, it will open your mind to new possibilities, inner wisdom and self development. Use it with purpose when meditating, visualising your heart’s desire and allow the manifestation magic to unfold.


Blue Chalcedony

Top 3 properties - Optimism / Communication / Inner Peace
Chakra -  Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac -  Cancer / Sagittarius / Libra
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Blue Chalcedony is high vibration stone with a serene, peaceful energy. If you are prone to emotional overwhelm, or find it difficult to communicate when you’re upset, blue chalcedony is the deep breath you need get it all out. It helps you find clarity amongst stressful situations by absorbing the negative energy that distracts and clutters the mind. If your to-do list is a never ending scroll, Blue Chalcedony will boost your energy reserves so you can finally get the job done. A glass half full stone, it helps you become more optimistic and see the beauty in everyday life.

Top 3 properties - Focus / Energy / Transformation 
Chakra - Crown 
Zodiac - Aquarius 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - A high vibrational stone, Bismuth stimulates the divine feminine energy known as kundalini. Transformative in nature, Bismuth allows you to make the changes you need to progress and achieve your goals. Known as a travelling stone, it is widely used in meditation practices to aid visualisation and astral projection. In the physical sense of travel, Bismuth encourages a state of calm so you may enjoy the journey not just the destination. If you are someone who struggles with loneliness even when surrounded, Bismuth will heal abandonment wounds so you have the courage to reconnect and open up.


Top 3 properties - Protection / Courage / Courtesy 
Chakra -  Sacral 
Zodiac - Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Grounding / Powerful 
Info - Bronzite is a wonderful stone for relieving negative moods, returning the user to a state of higher awareness. If you have grand plans the future, but have avoiding acting due to self doubt - let bronzite reignite your personal power. Used to fuel courage and remind you you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for and reach your highest potential. If you work in customer service, this is the crystal for you! Known as the stone of courtesy, it will encourage those around you to remain polite, while repelling negative energy back to the source. Take that Karen. I am the manager. Physically, bronzite neutralises the body, bringing it back to an alkaline, strengthened state.


Botswana Agate

Top 3 properties -  Healing / Creativity / Courage  
Chakra -  Root / Sacral 
Zodiac - Gemini / Scorpio 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Botswana Agate is a stone of courage, strength and protection. It restores willpower, allowing one to overcome addiction and self destructive behaviour. Used to release trapped emotions in the body, Botswana agate works to alleviate anger and depression. Instead of being overwhelmed by problems, this stone will inspire one to take responsibility and look for solutions. Botswana agate encourages creativity and unique ways of thinking, consider it your epiphany stone.


Top 3 properties - Grounding / Energising / Purifying 
Chakra - Heart / Root 
Zodiac - Aries / Libra / Pisces 
Stone Feel / Aura - Strong / Heavy 
Info - Bloodstone is a grounding crystal, with a strong, powerful energy. A stone of courage, it will provide you with the strength and determination you need to adjust to new circumstances. Bloodstone works to heighten intuition and aid in decision making, so you may feel confident that you are on the right path. Useful for new mothers, it will boost mental and physical energy and ease the transition into their new role. Bloodstone is also used to cleanse and purify the body, eliminating toxins and boosting circulation - the perfect stone for those who overindulge on their weekends.

Black Agate
Top 3 properties - Grounding / Protective / Balancing 
Chakra - Root Chakra 
Zodiac - Leo / Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura - Low / Soft Vibration 
Info - Black Agate has a soft, low vibration used to reground and balance overstimulated energies. Particularly useful for Leos, it encourages a healthy relationship with the ego and how it effects our actions. Black Agate will balance positive and negative energies, so you may keep your cool during periods of high stress. Another stone associated with grief, Black Agate will provide the strength and comfort you need during times of loss. If detachment is what you are after, Agate will help you let go of unhealthy relationships so you may finally get over that toxic ex. One for the empaths, Black Agate is used to protect from negative emotions and increase awareness so you may determine what energy is yours and what you have absorbed.


Black Onyx

Top 3 properties -  Strength / Focus / Protection 
Chakra -  Root / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Capricorn / Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Powerful / Low 
Info -  Black Onyx is another member of the protective family, useful for grounding or creating shields. This stone will boost your strength reserves when feeling low, and give you the emotional support you need to keep pushing through. One to keep you safe from energy vampires, Black Onyx will prevent the drain of personal energy and any absorb negativities so that you don’t have to. Useful for refocusing a cluttered mind, Black Onyx will weed through distractions so you may make sensible choices.  When used in meditation, Black Onyx will help to regain emotional balance and clarity so that one may move forward with focused determination.


Boulder Opal 

Top 3 properties -  Optimism / Manifestation / Psychic Abilities 
Chakra - Crown / Base 
Zodiac - Scorpio / Virgo 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Boulder Opal is a high vibrational stone, with it’s glimmering fragments representative of the metaphysical properties that lie within. While it can be used to balance and align all chakras, it is closely linked with the crown and base chakras, encouraging self awareness and expansion. Boulder Opal reminds you think of the bigger picture, easing the worries of an overwhelmed mind so clarity may shine through. One for the dreamers, boulder opal builds self worth, hope and optimism making you feel both worthy of your desires and that they are guaranteed to happen - aka the perfect formula for manifestation. Use the energy of boulder opal when you are tired from day to day life to open yourself up to new challenges, opportunities and divine guidance.

Calcite Caribbean

Top 3 properties -  Intuition / Cleansing / Psychic Abilities 
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye / Crown 
Zodiac - Taurus / Libra 
Stone Feel / Aura - Soothing / High Vibrational 
Info -  True to it’s name, Caribbean Calcite looks like a lush, dreamy ocean paradise. This high vibrational stone emanates a soothing, tranquil energy perfect for relieving stress and calming the mind. All those in the calcite family are naturally cleansing, clearing away worry and to make room for spiritual growth. Those looking to try lucid dreaming will benefit from keeping Caribbean Calcite by their bedside, for it’s energy works to boost metaphysical and mental abilities. Symbolic of new beginnings, Caribbean calcite will bring you the wisdom and intuition you need to act on these opportunities.

Calcite Pistachio

Top 3 properties - Soothing / Cleansing / Higher Perspective 
Chakra - Pisces / Taurus 
Zodiac - Heart / Solar Plexus 
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Soothing
Info -  Pistachio calcite is a soothing stone, clearing away negative emotion and encouraging a balanced approach to life. Ruling over the heart and solar plexus chakras, pistachio calcite is useful for encouraging self love and accepting yourself just the way you are. Perfect for those struggling to find confidence amongst the world of social media and comparison, use pistachio calcite to turn what you see as flaws into new-found strength. The energy of pistachio calcite can be used to rebalance feminine energy after heavy yang influence, bringing out the inner goddess within. This stone will leave you with a renewed sense of purpose, adaptive to change, and excited for the future.

Calcite White

Top 3 properties - Healing / Clarity / New Beginnings 
Chakra - Sacral / Crown 
Zodiac - Cancer 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - White Calcite is a symbol of purity, working to cleanse the aura and heal past life trauma. A useful stone for those who have given up hope that life will work out, white calcite will release limiting beliefs so you feel worthy of your highest path. If you struggle with decision making, white calcite will clear clutter from the mind so your intuition can be heard. A detoxification stone, white calcite can lower blood pressure, cleanse the body of impurities and encourage better enjoy flow. As calcite is an amplifying stone, when used in combination with other crystals your manifestation or healing efforts will be doubled.

Calcite Mangano

Top 3 properties - Forgiveness / Healing / Self Love 
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Libra / Cancer / Taurus 
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Soothing 
Info -  Known as the forgiveness stone, mangano calcite has a soft, soothing aura. Linked to the heart chakra, this stone gently pushes through stored trauma and allows for emotional release. If you have been struggling to let go of past hurt, use the healing energy of mangano calcite to offer others forgiveness so you may be at peace. A useful stone to come home to after a stressful day, it will release tension, quieten anxiety and bring about an overall feeling of tranquility. Like any heart healing stone, mangano calcite promotes self acceptance and love, not just for the self but for the universe as a whole.


Top 3 properties - Motivation / Creativity / Stability 
Chakra - Sacral / Root 
Zodiac - Cancer / Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Stabilising 
Info - Carnelian is a stone of creativity, luck and motivation. Perfect for those who feel their goals are out of reach, carnelian will give you the courage, willpower and determination needed to succeed. It’s energising, uplifting nature encourages positive life choices, and can rekindle personal or romantic passions that have otherwise dimmed. A stone for new life, Carnelian is said to increase fertility, potency and conception either naturally or through artificial insemination. Other physical benefits to Carnelian are it’s ability to support both male and female reproductive organs by balancing the sacral chakra and allowing life force to flow through.



Top 3 properties - Tranquility / Communication / Abundance 
Chakra - Heart / Throat 
Zodiac - Taurus / Gemini / Virgo
Stone Feel / Aura - Gentle / Soft 
Info -  Chrysocolla opens and rebalances the throat and heart chakras with its calm, balancing energy. A serene, tranquil stone, it is perfect for meditation or unwinding after a long day. A powerful communicative aid, Chrysocolla removes the fear of public speaking and encourages one to speak with conviction. The healing nature of Chrysocolla alleviates heartbreak, and allows for the release of guilt stored within the physical body. Use Chrysocolla to attract new opportunities and abundance in your life with it’s fresh, hopeful energy.


Cherry Blossom Agate

Top 3 properties -  Healing / Self Growth / Manifestation 
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac -  Libra / Gemini / Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Gentle / Feminine 
Info - Cherry Blossom Agate, otherwise known as Flower Agate, is a stone of potential. One for the non conformists, entrepreneurs and daydreamers, it will show you how to create your own reality and ignite the passion within. Perfect for manifestation work, cherry blossom agate will shield you from the fear and self doubt that drives your dreams away. The gentle, feminine energy of this stone will help any past trauma that is dimming your light, and remind you that it is safe to be your true self. Let the soothing vibrations of cherry blossom agate rebalance your emotions, so you may walk through life filled with compassion and love.



Top 3 properties - Higher Guidance / Transformation / Healing 
Chakra - Crown / Third Eye 
Zodiac -  Scorpio / Sagittarius 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibrational 
Info - Charoite has a uniquely high vibration, helping the body adjust when exposed to a variety of energies. It is the stone of healers, light workers and psychics, enabling them to connect with higher realms while offering psychic protection. It is healing in nature, and will strengthen and balance the flow of energy between the chakras. If you are someone struggling with loneliness, or travel often for work, use charoite to feel reconnect with the universe and see yourself as whole. When used for self growth and shadow work, charoite will remove fear and self doubt so you are free to transform to the next level. Charoite increases synchronicities and coincidences - so when this happens know you are being divinely guided to your true path.

Dendrite Agate 

Top 3 properties - Transformation / Determination / Perspective  
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura - Slow / Low Vibration 
Info -  Dendrite Agate - nicknamed ‘Tree Agate’ for it’s branch like patterns, has a uniquely slow vibration. A transformative stone, it encourages the user to persevere when the going gets tough and come out stronger than ever. Dendrite Agate reforms perspective and encourages you see challenges for what they are - an opportunity. A stone for those reject the traditional expectations of life, it will give you the determination you need to forge your own path. The physical benefits of Dendrite Agate are said to ease digestive upset, heal the nervous system and relieve muscle aches. Used to promote fidelity and trust in relationships - this is a good one to hide in your partner’s pocket before that boys trip or girls night out.


Dragons Bloodstone

Top 3 properties - Courage / Personal Power / Vitality 
Chakra - Heart Chakra 
Zodiac - Leo / Aries 
Stone Feel / Aura - Strong / Grounding 
Info - Similar to it’s namesake, Dragon’s Bloodstone has a strong, powerful energy. Linked to the heart, it works to rebalance the chakra so one is open to give and receive love. Said to be a stone of desire, Dragon’s Bloodstone ignites passion and gives one the confidence they need to chase what their heart desires. If your heart’s true desire is more materialistic than romantic, Bloodstone can also be used to attract money and abundance. Increasing strength, courage and vitality, use this stone to unlock your personal power.


Dalmatian Jasper 

Top 3 properties - Grounding / Healing / Protective 
Chakra - Root / Sacral 
Zodiac - Virgo  / Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura - Strong / Grounding 
Info - Dalmatian Jasper is a stone of loyalty, harmonising relationships and strengthening bonds. It can be used in meditation to encourage reflection, highlighting areas of strength and weakness within the self. Are you not shining like you should out of fear?  Use Dalmatian Jasper to stop negative self talk and remove the walls you created as a trauma response. Dalmatian jasper will allow you to open up and enjoy life, reconnecting you with your playful inner child. If you have been feeling stuck in life, unable to move on or fascinated by revenge scenarios, use jasper to build a bridge. Your higher path is waiting on the other side.



Top 3 properties - Communication / Abundance / Creativity 
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Virgo 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Diopside is a high vibrational stone, balancing feminine energies so one may feel more empowered. When used for communication, diopside will build your powers of persuasion so others may see things from your point of view. A stone of drive and initiative, it will encourage you to take action and stand up for your beliefs. Are you always thinking the grass is greener on the other side? Water your own grass with diopside. Promoting emotional well being and love for all, diopside will help you become more grateful for the life that is yours. Boosting creative vision and emotional healing, diopside is a powerful manifestation stone and will help you get to your destination quicker.



Top 3 properties -   Calm / Patience / Communication 
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational
Info - Dumortierite is a stone of patience, calming down the mind in times of stress, excitement and over stimulation. The high vibrational energy provides mental clarity, assisting one to see the truth amongst all the chaos. Building upon self discipline and motivation, dumortierite is useful for students or those looking to overcome addiction. Linked to the throat and third eye chakras, it enhances communication and gives one the courage to stay true to their beliefs. Dumortierite strengthens the verbalisation of ideas, making it perfect for overcoming writers block or expressing your needs in the workplace. If you are a sucker for people pleasing, use this stone to regain control and finally say NO.


Grey Moonstone

Top 3 properties - Intuition / Balance / Protection 
Chakra - Third Eye / Crown 
Zodiac -  Cancer / Libra / Scorpio 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Grey Moonstone, nicknamed ‘new moonstone’ is a perfect tool to use during lunar rituals and ceremonies. Said to help the user harness the power of the new moon, it will strengthen manifestation work, calling in new opportunities for the month ahead. The new moon represents power, potential and endless possibility, with grey moonstone used to unlock these qualities within the self. A balancing stone, it can realign the female cycle with the moon, and is said to aid with fertility or hormone related issues. It is a protective stone and is useful to accompany one on travels, whether in the physical sense or through astral projection.




Top 3 properties - Calming / Mood Boosting / Peaceful 
Chakra -  Crown / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Libra
Stone Feel / Aura - Soothing 
Info - Lepidolite is the magic mood stone, your calming, stabilising, anxiety reducing wonder crystal. Containing traces of lithium (found in anti anxiety medication) Lepidolite helps to reduce the impact of stress within the body and calms the overthinking mind. Useful for those suffering from the physical sensations of anxiety, the tranquil energy of this stone will bring you back into the present. With the ability to relieve exhaustion and strengthen the immune system, lepidolite will protect those who take on too many tasks at once. Pop a piece under your pillow or on your forehead for a 5 minute meditation prior to sleep - your thoughts and dreams will thank you later.



Top 3 properties - Transformation / Adpation / Protection 
Chakra -  Third Eye / Heart 
Zodiac -  Leo / Scorpio / Sagittarius 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Intense / High Vibration 
Info - Labradorite is a stone of transformation, with a unique mystical energy. It is highly protective, and will shield one from the negativity and fear that holds them back. Labradorite brings out ‘the best in people’, by activating the self confidence needed to transform into the highest self. Connected to the third eye chakra it strengthens spiritual connection and intuition, so one is filled with new ideas and sharpened instinct. Labradorite is used to achieve peace, and will help one adapt to the challenges and changes of the world around them.


Top 3 properties - Transformation / Healing / Growth 
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Libra / Scorpio / Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura - Powerful / Intense  
Info - Malachite is a unique stone with an intense, alluring energy. Known as the transformation stone, malachite will bring unhealed trauma to the surface and highlight what has been holding you back. Reminding you that you are in charge of creating your own reality, malachite has a ‘go big or go home’ energy - encouraging necessary change and the release of toxic thought patterns. Used to open and rebalance the heart chakra, malachite will encourage empathy, acceptance and loyalty amongst relationships. Highly absorbent of negative energy, be sure to cleanse this crystal after use to maintain its healing abilities.


Obsidian (Silver Sheen) 

Top 3 properties - Strength / Self Discovery / Protection 
Chakra -  Root / Third Eye  
Zodiac -  Scorpio / Sagittarius 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Grounding / High Vibration  
Info - Silver Sheen Obsidian is a unique stone, for while it encompasses the same protective qualities of regular obsidian it vibrates at a much higher level. It’s dual energy grounds and supports the user, while also raising their personal vibration. This works to strengthen the aura and the connection to earth, balancing the yin and yang in the body. Silver Sheen Obsidian is a stone of self discovery, allowing one to unlock their soul purpose and giving them the confidence they follow through with it. It is is a source of strength, increasing willpower, courage and determination. When used for protection it will ward of negativity and sharpen the senses so one can see through deception. A great stone for taking your personal power to the next level.


Pink Amethyst
Top 3 properties - Acceptance / Balance / Divine Love 
Chakra -  Heart / Third Eye / Crown 
Zodiac -  Capricorn / Cancer / Pisces 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Pink Amethyst, a softer, more feminine version of it’s beloved counterpart - but softness should not be mistaken for weakness. Connected to the heart, third eye and crown chakras Pink Amethyst is a powerful stone that heals, balances and uplifts the user. It radiates divine feminine energy, strengthening the spirit while at the same time nurturing the parts that are in need of healing. Pink Amethyst will bring balance to your inner warrior, showing that you can be both powerful and gracious, strong and gentle, aware yet accepting. Use Pink Amethyst to increase your intuition, align with divine guidance and share your feminine gifts with the world.



Top 3 properties - Abundance / Protection / Willpower
Chakra -  Solar Plexus 
Zodiac -  Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Uplifting / Energising Vibration 
Info - Show me the money! Pyrite is the stone of abundance, prosperity and wealth, attracting everything one needs for a successful life. Nicknamed ‘fools gold’ for it’s similar appearance, the only fool is those that don’t see the true value pyrite holds. Not just used to bring luck and opportunity your way, pyrite will give you the motivation you need to go out there and claim it for yourself. An energising, uplifting stone it will build upon confidence, willpower and determination. It has protective qualities, and can be used to shield one from negativity and ensure they stay away from bad decisions.


Ruby Kyanite

Top 3 properties - Spiritual Connection / Manifestation / Communication 
Chakra -  Heart / Throat 
Zodiac -  Gemini
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Ruby kyanite contains the best of both worlds, the wisdom of ruby and the insight of kyanite. If ruby is all about physically setting goals and following our dreams, then kyanite gives us all the tools we need to achieve them in the spiritual sense. Kyanite enhances spiritual connection, communication and mental clarity while Ruby improves motivation, courage and adaptability. Together they unite to enhance manifestation abilities, with equal parts action and attraction. Ruby Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and astral travel, allowing you to reach new heights while still staying grounded.



Top 3 properties -  Self Love / Feminine Power / Passion 
Chakra - Heart / Solar Plexus 
Zodiac -  Scorpio / Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Stabilising 
Info - Rhodochrosite, a heart and solar plexus stone, has a gentle, stabilising energy. It stimulates and strengthens all qualities connected to the heart chakra - love, self worth and empathy. Rhodochrosite can be used to stimulate and reconnect with the passions you have lost - whether they be creative outlets, relationships with others, or simply your relationship with life itself. As a healing stone, it targets the mind and nervous system, alleviating depression, stress and anxiety. It is extremely beneficial for inner child healing, and will help you see through your fears to identify the root cause of each issue. Rhodochrosite radiates divine feminine energy, helping one to love and care for themselves as much as those around them - for you cannot pour from an empty cup.


Septarian Stone
Top 3 properties -  Grounding / Transformative / Communication
Chakra – Root / Sacral
Zodiac -  Taurus
Stone Feel / Aura – Heavy / Grounding
Info - Septarian stone, aka ‘Dragon stone’, has a name and pattern reminiscent of snakes which are the symbol of transformation and rebirth. Similarly, Septarian stone encourages transformation, new beginnings, and spiritual awakening. A grounding, nurturing stone, it deepens one’s connection and awareness with mother earth. Septarian stone can be used for self- healing, to enhance communication, patience and confidence. It has also been said to enhance protection and privacy, so if you’re someone that spills all their secrets after a few drinks, carry septarian with you to keep yourself in check.


Top 3 properties - Spiritual Awakening / Healing / Meditation 
Chakra -  All 
Zodiac -  Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Serpentine, like its name suggests, is closely linked to kundalini and will help you awaken the power that lies within. Kundalini is the ‘snake like’ energy that lies dormant at the base of our spine - activating this energy can often be an overwhelming experience. Serpentine is an earthing stone, with the ability to heal and open all chakras, so it is the perfect companion for your spiritual journey. We are all unique and respond to trauma in different ways, Serpentine will help you discover the best method of healing you for - so you may return to a state of optimal wellbeing. When used in meditation, it will allow you to reach a new level of exploration and even activate past life recall.


Snow Quartz 
Top 3 properties - Intuition / Wisdom / Clarity 
Chakra -  Crown
Zodiac -  Capricorn
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Snow Quartz, like the rest of the Quartz family, is a high vibrational healing stone. It helps one achieve a balance of yin and yang energy, while also unblocking and aligning the chakras. Snow Quartz will sharpen your instincts and heighten intuition, so you can see the world with renewed clarity - no rose coloured glasses over here. Great for students, it will help you to absorb knowledge at a faster level, and retain the information you have just learnt. In the real world, snow quartz helps one to let go of fear and limitations, so you are more open and receptive to change. Snow Quartz is great for helping you see the bigger picture instead of resisting the lesson you are being called to learn - that way you can move forward through life’s journey with ease.


Strawberry Quartz 
Top 3 properties - Love / Wisdom / Soul Purpose 
Chakra -  Heart
Zodiac -  Libra 
Stone Feel / Aura - Soothing Vibration 
Info -  Strawberry quartz is a stone of love, romantic and otherwise. It allows you to feel connected to the universe and the world around you, so you feel supported and guided by the divine. Strawberry quartz will help you understand your true purpose in life, and unlock the knowledge and wisdom that you carry within. It will highlight the talents you have always had, but never recognised within yourself - giving you the confidence to turn your dreams into reality. Use it to boost feelings of gratitude and generosity, and watch as you attract your desires - or your soul mate - at a much faster rate.



Top 3 properties – Personal Power / Joy / Vitality
Chakra -  Sacral / Solar Plexus
Zodiac -  Leo / Libra
Stone Feel / Aura – High Vibration
Info – Sunstone, a symbol of joy, hope, optimism, and enthusiasm. Linked to the solar plexus and sacral chakras, sunstone will open and balance the chakras to keep your intuition and creativity thriving. Encompassing divine masculine energy, sunstone can be used to enhance one’s personal power. If you struggle to stand up for yourself or are a known people pleaser, it will give you the strength to honour what is best for the highest self. Sunstone will boost your confidence and self worth, allowing your true self to shine through.


Yellow Aventurine 

Top 3 properties - Creativity / Self Esteem / Optimism 
Chakra -  Solar Plexus / Sacral 
Zodiac -  Aries 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Uplifting 
Info - Yellow Aventurine, a stone of bright futures. Linked to the solar plexus and sacral chakras it will boost one’s confidence, courage, self esteem and creativity. Yellow Aventurine will raise your spirits so high, it would be impossible NOT to live life in a state of joyful optimism. Perfect for someone who constantly doubts themselves or needs reassurance, Yellow Aventurine will make you realise the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself. A stone of balance it will help you see life from a different perspective, so you are more understanding and accepting of others. It is best used for self reflection - but in a good way - there will be no picking yourself to pieces with aventurine, but rather seeing yourself in the best light.

Top 3 properties – Intuition / Clarity / Emotional Balance
Chakra -  Third Eye / Throat
Zodiac -   Sagittarius
Stone Feel / Aura – High Vibration
Info – Sodalite radiates a calming, soothing vibration that creates balance within the body – particularly the throat and third eye chakras. Nicknamed the thinkers stone, it represents logic, intuition, and clarity of thought. It allows one to better understand the secrets of the universe, and to see themselves from a higher perspective. Sodalite encourages one to accept themselves, and be free from the guilt, fear and low self-esteem that often clouds our judgement.


Top 3 properties - Healing / Enlightenment / Intuition 
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac -  Virgo / Aries / Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Trolleite is a high vibration stone with a soothing, gentle energy. Known as the ‘stone of heaven’, it’s main purpose is to help one find peace. Use trolleite to see negative situations for what they truly are - lessons and opportunities for growth. In accepting and seeing the past in a new light, one can learn to forgive, heal and finally move on. Linked to throat and third eye chakras, trolleite deepens one’s connection to the divine, enhancing intuition, perception and clarity of thought. Trolleite helps one reach a new level of consciousness, and is best used in meditation or by the bedside to improve sleep and understanding of dreams.


Super 7
Top 3 properties - Spiritual Growth / Transformation / Psychic Abilities 
Chakra -  Crown 
Zodiac -  All 
Stone Feel / Aura -   High Vibration 
Info - Super 7, otherwise known as ‘Sacred Stone’, is a rare, naturally occurring stone. A unique beauty, it contains elements of amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile, smokey and quartz - all in the one, neat little package. Similarly to selenite, Super 7 radiates a vibration so high it is able to cleanse the other crystals around it - without needing cleansing itself. Super 7 is a perfect stone for achieving a new level of spiritual access, and meditating regularly with the stone helps one tap into the psychic gifts and intuition that lies within. If there is an issue that has been overwhelming you for some time, use Super 7 to ground and find clarity, so the right path reveals itself to you.


Shell Jasper
Top 3 properties - Balance / Confidence / Meditation 
Chakra -  Root / Sacral 
Zodiac -  Libra / Virgo 
Stone Feel / Aura -   Grounding 
Info - Shell Jasper, otherwise known as ‘fossil jasper’, is a stone of protection, faith and harmony. It radiates a gentle grounding vibration, perfect for calming heated energies and realigning the lower chakras. Shell Jasper can be used to balance just about any aspect of the self - the battle between need and greed, calm and chaos, or put simply, your dominant and submissive energies. It is a good stone to turn to when your patience is being tested, or you have lost your faith in the world around you. Shell Jasper restores hope in the user, helping them stay true to their beliefs and what they feel is right.