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| Live (Virtual) Crystal Sales | 

How To: 

To Claim any item please say MINE + #items unique number. ie: Mine C2

To pay | Your invoice is sent to you via a link to our website. Please contact us first if you've never purchased before once the live sales has concluded. Our Invoicing Admin will send you a link with how to pay. It's a very easy process and we are here to help.

Crystals Now Pay Later available on all Virtual Sales. This includes Afterpay, Zip, Humm, Latitude & Laybuy - Buy Now Pay Later. We also accept card and paypal payments.

Payment is strictly due within 24 hours and all unpaid orders will be cancelled we do not send payment reminders. 

We offer an invoice system online which allows you to add other products from the website to your cart. However this does not enable you to get a live itemised list.

If you would prefer to just pay for your live invoice and have an itemised list you can request an emailed invoice from the invoicing Admin

Our Goal is to assist people who cannot make it in store to experience the crystals during our live sales.

All of our Buy Now Pay Later options are available for Virual Sales. We also offer click and collect.

What not to do:

Swear at the hosts or other patrons during our sales. Please do not ask us medical related questions, we will always advise you seek medical attention. We understand that people use Crystals in conjunction with proper medical care and we are not doctors.

Internet issues: 
Sometimes we can experience issues with the internet, sometimes you experience issues. We have no control over the internet on either end and we do the best we can on our live nights.  If the internet is slow, not working or you are seeing others claim before you see the items please refresh.

Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions or are unsure or unclear about any of the information. 

You can reach us via Facebook, Instagram or via Email at