Ametrine Medium Tumble

Ametrine Medium Tumble

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Size - 2-2.5cm

Top 3 properties - Balance / Connection / Detoxify
Chakra - Third Eye / Solar Plexus 
Zodiac - Libra 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration / Hard 
Info - Emerging from Bolivia in the 70s, Ametrine is the love child of amethyst and citrine. As both stones are detoxifiers, together they form a natural powerhouse to cleanse and rebalance the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Featuring the masculine energy of citrine and feminine energy of amethyst, this stone is a perfect balance of yin and yang - useful for achieving harmony in romantic partnerships. Encouraging balance, connection and self confidence Ametrine will enable you to develop your personal power, without the risk of ego taking over. Physical benefits of Ametrine are evident in the detoxification process, releasing blockages and negative programming stored in the body. Bringing insight into why you feel a certain way, Ametrine can help you overcome procrastination, self sabotage and creative blockages.


| Chosen intuitively by our staff you will receive one tumble |