Apache Tear Medium Tumble

Apache Tear Medium Tumble

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Size - 2.5-3cm

Top 3 properties - Protection / Healing / Grief 
Chakra - Root Chakra 
Zodiac - Aries 
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Gentle Vibration 
Info - Apache Tears are part of the black obsidian family, making it a powerful stone for grounding and protection. Famous for the dark history behind their origins, Apache Tears are a symbol for grief, pain and sorrow. When the Apache Indian tribe was invaded and massacred by the American cavalry, those remaining chose to jump from the cliffs and die with honour. The grieving widows and women from the tribe wept and mourned those who were lost for a full moon cycle, with their tears forever imbedded into the stones below. If you hold your Apache Tear up to the light, the dark stone turns translucent revealing the tear inside. Useful for overcoming depression, clearing and releasing the negative energy hat is holding you back. From a physical perspective, Apache Tears can work to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and calm muscle spasms.

Price is for one tumbled stone.



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I placed an order for 2 items, they were all bubble wrapped. I even received some beautiful extras for free! I placed the order and expected it to be late, due to Easter but it still arrived on time! Thankyou so much guys.

Skye Coulston

I just want to say a BIG thank you for my beautiful septarian stone pendant and Andy's surprise selenite bday gift! Im very touch, it's very thoughtful and kind! I really appreciate the sweet gesture. Thank you so much!!! Take care x


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