Aventurine Pendant

Aventurine Pendant

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SIZE: 4cm Including plated metal hook

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Top 3 properties -  Healing / Positivity / Abundance
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Virgo / Taurus 
Stone Feel / Aura - Smooth 
Info -  Green Aventurine is your good luck charm, carry it in your pocket to attract new opportunities, financial abundance and a healthy dose of confidence. Useful at converting a negative outlook back to a state of hope and optimism, Green Aventurine will reignite your zest for life. The healing component of green aventurine is used to strengthen eyesight, improve skin ailments, encourage vitality and growth. A great stone for those who have experienced financial hardship and need to reset their money mindset, encouraging them hope is not lost and mindset is the key to manifestation. Used to open and rebalance the heart chaka  green aventurine will heal emotional wounds and soothe those resistant to change.