Bronzite + Medium

Bronzite + Medium

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Size - 2-2.5cm

Top 3 properties - Protection / Courage / Courtesy 
Chakra -  Sacral 
Zodiac - Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Grounding / Powerful 
Info - Bronzite is a wonderful stone for relieving negative moods, returning the user to a state of higher awareness. If you have grand plans the future, but have avoiding acting due to self doubt - let bronzite reignite your personal power. Used to fuel courage and remind you you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for and reach your highest potential. If you work in customer service, this is the crystal for you! Known as the stone of courtesy, it will encourage those around you to remain polite, while repelling negative energy back to the source. Take that Karen. I am the manager. Physically, bronzite neutralises the body, bringing it back to an alkaline, strengthened state.


Price is for one tumbled stone.