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Chakras are the main energy points in our body. Each chakra represents a vital part of our emotional and psychical wellbeing. When we learn to open all of our chakras, either at once or gradually, we allow energy to freely flow through us.

Having this energy flow allows us to achieve inner peace and harmony, keeping positive energy with us constantly.

Chakra translates into ‘wheel’, meaning the constant turning (or flow) of energy entering and leaving our bodies. Starting at our head and moving down, these are the seven Chakras and what they represent.

The Crown Chakra

This Chakra is at the apex of our body. Signifying our mind, this Chakra represents our ability to open up to ourselves spiritually.

Aligning with our Crown Chakra helps to open our mind up to new ideas, and assists with seeing things in different ways. This helps with creativity and positivity.

Colour: The Crown Chakra is associated with hues of purple, most commonly Violet.

The third eye Chakra

Otherwise called the ‘brow chakra’, this is located on the forehead in between the brows.

The Third eye Chakra helps you with understanding. Learning to connect with this Chakra will also help you to recognise what your intuition is trying to tell you.

When you harness this Chakra, it will gift you the ability to see the full picture of things, and assess what is truly important.

Colour: The Third Eye Chakra is associated with deep indigo.

The throat Chakra

I’m sure you can guess where this chakra is! The throat chakra signifies our desire to communicate and be heard.

Opening our Throat Chakra can help with confrontation and speaking your truth. Practising openness and honesty will help you align with this chakra.

Colour: Blue. The throat chakra is often represented by varied shades of blue.

The heart Chakra

Located near your heart in the centre of your chest, this Chakra affects your ability to receive and give love.

Learning how to open your heart will help with friendships and your relationship with yourself. Having a closed Heart Chakra will mean you have difficulty with compassion and empathy, so it’s important to learn how to keep this open.

Learning how to properly open your Heart Chakra will also assist with your inner peace.

Colour: The Heart Chakra is associated with vibrant greens.

The Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is essential for growing your confidence. This can be your self confidence, or situation specific like confidence in your work life.

Harnessing your Solar Plexus will help boost your self esteem, and allow you to see worth in everything you do. This is essential for self fulfilment and personal growth.

There is power in valuing your own time and the qualities you possess. Use this Chakra to appreciate yourself and your journey.

Colour: Vibrant yellows are associated with the Solar Plexus.

The sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra is located in the abdomen, and is used for bringing joy and vitality. This Chakra is also in tune with your sexuality.

Connecting with this Chakra can help you open up to abundance, and help you assess your own well being.

The Sacral Chakra can help you feel confident and comfortable with your sexuality. Being in tune with your sexuality can make you feel powerful and strong, and the Sacral Chakra is definitely a strong Chakra.

Colour: Orange is the colour associated with the Sacral Chakra.

The root chakra

Located at the base of the spine, this chakra carries a lot of emotion. A grounding Chakra, the Root is responsible for assessing and overcoming challenges.

The Root Chakra is a very passionate outlet. Learning to control and master this is important to prevent harbouring anger.

If you’re feeling quite defensive, you may find your Root Chakra is blocked.

Colour: Deep reds are associated with the Root Chakra.

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