Dalmatian Jasper Pendant

Dalmatian Jasper Pendant

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SIZE: 4cm Including plated metal hook

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Top 3 properties - Grounding / Healing / Protective 
Chakra - Root / Sacral 
Zodiac - Virgo  / Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura - Strong / Grounding 
Info - Dalmation Jasper is a stone of loyalty, harmonising relationships and strengthening bonds. It can be used in meditation to encourage reflection, highlighting areas of strength and weakness within the self. Are you not shining like you should out of fear?  Use Dalmatian Jasper to stop negative self talk and remove the walls you created as a trauma response. Dalmation jasper will allow you to open up and enjoy life, reconnecting you with your playful inner child. If you have been feeling stuck in life, unable to move on or fascinated by revenge scenarios, use dalmation jasper to build a bridge. Your higher path is waiting on the other side.