Lapis Lazuli Large Tumble

Lapis Lazuli Large Tumble

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Size - 2-2.5cm

Top 3 properties – Spiritual Awakening / Inner Peace / Protection
Chakra – Throat / Third Eye
Zodiac – Libra / Sagittarius
Stone Feel / Aura – High Vibrational
Info –  Lapis Lazuli, a stone of power, protection, and purification. Linked to royalty, the gods and the spirit world, it was one highly sought-after stone upon its discovery. Nowadays lapis is still as popular as ever, for its ability to transform one into their highest self.  It’s serene, soothing vibration brings the body and mind in a state of harmony, soothing the nervous system and encouraging inner peace. Its protective energy will shield one from physic attacks and negativity, especially the negativity we direct at ourselves. The power of lapis lazuli can be used to boost any aspect of the self – awareness, expression, confidence or growth – depending on what you are struggling with most.

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