Moss Agate Pendant

Moss Agate Pendant

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SIZE: 4cm Including plated metal hook

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Top 3 properties - Growth / Luck / New Beginnings 
Chakra -  Heart / Root 
Zodiac -  Gemini / Virgo 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Grounding 
Info - Moss Agate is a stone of growth, transformation and new beginnings. In ancient lore it was used by farmers to bring prosperity to the land, and now in modern society it is a lucky talisman for new businesses and ventures. Moss Agate helps one attract abundance by raising the vibration and attitude of the user, as gratitude and worthiness are the keys to successful manifestation. A grounding stone, is will help one tune in to nature and achieve a feeling of inner peace. It can also be used in the garden, to reduce pollutants and rejuvenate lifeless plants. Use Moss Agate for a quick self esteem boost, it will help you see the beauty in yourself and in the world around you.