Opal Earrings | Triplet Setting

Opal Earrings | Triplet Setting

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Set in 925 Sterling Silver 

From the creators 

“Opals are mined from deep within the earth, from resting in the darkness completely without colour. The amazing thing about these beautiful stones is that they only reveal their colour when they are exposed to light.

It is possible for an opal to display every colour of the spectrum and, as you will find clicking through our store, opals from different regions have their own unique colour signatures.

It is this very property of opals that links to the indigenous people of Australia’s belief that opals are traces of ‘The Creator’s’ footsteps, from having descended to earth upon a rainbow.

For collectors, cutters, enthusiasts and also those of you who are new to opals this is the magic and mystique of these stones.

Please enjoy looking through the opal collection. Each one, both individual and rare, represents good luck and I hope you will love them just as much as I do.” -Nicole