Pyrite Sphere

Pyrite Sphere

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Weight: 1.25kg

Height: 8cm

Top 3 properties - Abundance / Protection / Willpower
Chakra -  Solar Plexus 
Zodiac -  Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura - Uplifting / Energising Vibration 
Info - Show me the money! Pyrite is the stone of abundance, prosperity and wealth, attracting everything one needs for a successful life. Nicknamed ‘fools gold’ for it’s similar appearance, the only fool is those that don’t see the true value pyrite holds. Not just used to bring luck and opportunity your way, pyrite will give you the motivation you need to go out there and claim it for yourself. An energising, uplifting stone it will build upon confidence, willpower and determination. It has protective qualities, and can be used to shield one from negativity and ensure they stay away from bad decisions.