Rhodonite “Cubed” + Medium

Rhodonite “Cubed” + Medium

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Size - 2-3cm

Price is for one tumbled stone.

Top 3 properties - Acceptance / Love / Forgiveness 
Chakra -  Heart
Zodiac - Taurus 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Soothing / Gentle 
Info - Rhodonite emits a gentle, soothing energy - perfect for all things heart and soul. It works to unblock the heart chakra, and heal wounds on a deep, emotional level. It is extremely useful during periods of high stress and panic, for it will calm fear before it transforms into anger. Rhodonite can be used to achieve harmony and balance in relationships, for it promotes forgiveness and compassion. Rhodonite is a stone of acceptance, and will help you acknowledge all parts of yourself - even those you wish weren’t there. By boosting the love and compassion you feel for the self, rhodonite will help you see yourself in a new light - becoming aware of the hidden talents and qualities that lie within.