Rose Quartz + Phallus

Rose Quartz + Phallus

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Confidence | Study | Decision Making



+ Rose Quartz is a beautiful Pink gemstone. There is a subtle essence about Rose Quartz that just can't be replicated.

+ The whole purpose is love and to love, to love yourself. Clear out all that anger, jealousy and negative emotions from your life.

+ Some of you will know that Rose Quartz is the Romance stone and as subtle as it is, it packs a big bag of energy in particular below the belt.  Think of it as natures viagra, I mean we can all use a boost every now and then right? Even if its loving ourselves, which is the most important love.

+ If you have children that have been testing you emotionally, place rose quartz in their bedroom or space in the house to remind them that hey, maybe I don't like you right now and you don't like me, but we will always love each other. 

+ These beautiful wands can be used internally. Hear me out.. what better way to pleasure your chakras than using the love and healing of crystals. Please do ensure to properly clean after each use, using water and ph friendly soap.