Sunstone Medium Tumble

Sunstone Medium Tumble

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Size - 2-2.5cm

Price is for one tumbled stone.

Top 3 properties – Personal Power / Joy / Vitality
Chakra -  Sacral / Solar Plexus
Zodiac -  Leo / Libra
Stone Feel / Aura – High Vibration
Info – Sunstone, a symbol of joy, hope, optimism, and enthusiasm. Linked to the solar plexus and sacral chakras, sunstone will open and balance the chakras to keep your intuition and creativity thriving. Encompassing divine masculine energy, sunstone can be used to enhance one’s personal power. If you struggle to stand up for yourself or are a known people pleaser, it will give you the strength to honour what is best for the highest self. Sunstone will boost your confidence and self worth, allowing your true self to shine through.