Turquoise, Amazonite, Amethyst, Apatite + Necklace

Turquoise, Amazonite, Amethyst, Apatite + Necklace

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Peace | Soothing | Patience



+ Regardless of which country your Amazonite is from, it is undeniable this is one of the best stones for calm, clarity and when little Timmy is grabbing at your leg for the 33rd time today after being awake for only one hour this is the go-to you need.

+ Amazonite helps to calm your brain and nervous system, which also makes it an “amazing” stone right before bed, think of it as Crystal [ASMR]. Do you find yourself not really looking at life from both sides? Seeing the glass as half empty rather than half full.

+ Then keep Amazonite close as a reminder that there is always that other point of view to the way life works, its mysterious isn’t it


Anxiety | Grief | Intuition 


ORIGIN | Brazil  

+ Amethyst, surely you know.. it's everyone's best friend. Amethyst helps us by acting as a barrier against lower energies, so when you're about to deal with that dose of negative nancy you just do a metaphysical ninja dodge move and get out of the way.

+ Amethyst also aids you against psychic attacks so this is definitely a must have for our psychic community members, tarot and oracle readers.

+ Overall Amethyst is that one stone that is not only beautiful to look at but comes packed with so many extra punches you will be going rounds in life and it wont even phase you.

+ Keeping Amethyst in your environment will help to lower the geopathic stress and unhealthy environments. Another stone to help you during your sleep and dreams, what can't Amethyst do, really?


Top 3 properties - Manifestation / Communication / Balance 
Chakra - Third Eye 
Zodiac - Gemini / Capricorn / Pisces 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 

Info - Apatite is a stone for the dreamers who want to become doers. Highly motivational and uplifting in energy, Apatite fuels one with the power to achieve their desired goals. Working to expand upon knowledge and align with a higher perspective, Apatite encourages focus, learning and acceptance. Useful for manifestation and depending meditation practices it is a stone perfect for aligning with your highest self. Also known as the diet stone, apatite can be used to raise the metabolic rate, encourage healthy eating and draw off negativity from the self. It can be useful reducing hyperactivity in children, making it your go to move for encouraging quiet time.


Top 3 properties - Soothing / Fortune /Luck 
Chakra - Throat / Heart 
Zodiac - Virgo
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Gentle Vibration 

Info - Affectionately known as the ‘hope stone’, Amazonite has a soft, gentle energy. By stimulating the throat and heart chakras, Amazonite works to highlight our true feelings - giving the user the ability to think from the highest perspective. Amazonite can be used to balance chakras, heal emotional trauma and dispel negative energy. It can be also used as a part of manifestation practice, to enhance luck or inspire confidence and hope. With the ability to motivate lazy people and encourage tidiness - stash this one in your kid’s rooms and on your partner’s side of the wardrobe.

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I placed an order for 2 items, they were all bubble wrapped. I even received some beautiful extras for free! I placed the order and expected it to be late, due to Easter but it still arrived on time! Thankyou so much guys.

Skye Coulston

I just want to say a BIG thank you for my beautiful septarian stone pendant and Andy's surprise selenite bday gift! Im very touch, it's very thoughtful and kind! I really appreciate the sweet gesture. Thank you so much!!! Take care x


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