You are Magic | Bookstack Tote Bag

You are Magic | Bookstack Tote Bag

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 This will TOTES be your fave new bag! I mean it. 

After surveying my lovely Quirky Community to find out what makes the 'Perfect', tote bag, I think I may have made something pretty dang amazing. 

As someone who loves to pile as many groceries as I can into one bag, I can wholeheartedly confirm these bags are STRONG. Unlike other tote bags, the handles are a continuation of the bag material, so they are not separately sewn on, making the bag sturdy as heck.  

This tote bag is also weirdly comfortable. I have no explanation for this other than the fact the straps are nice and thick as well as rounded. I'm assuming that's the reason why but all I know is that I spoke to my shoulder and it definitely approves. 

Also POCKETS! Everything is better with pockets, amiright ladies? Whether it's for your phone, keys, library card or chewies, this pocket has got your back. 

And lastly, the design. Delicious, Impeccable, stunning, charming. All of it. I am so happy with the quality of the embroidery and a large part of me never wants to print on a bag ever again. Embroidery is so magical and really brings my artwork to life. 

I am so proud of and in love with this tote bag. Truthfully, it has been the sole tote bag I have used since the day I got my sample. I don't leave the house without it and I am very sure you guys are going to love it! 

- Cotton
- 44cm x 33cm
- Strong as heck straps
- Inside Pocket (17cm x 12cm)
- Embroidered Design
- Gusseted 
- Logo on back


- Hand wash only in cold water
- Safe for dry-cleaning 
- Do not soak & scrub
- Do not mix with other garments when washing
- Lay flat to dry

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I placed an order for 2 items, they were all bubble wrapped. I even received some beautiful extras for free! I placed the order and expected it to be late, due to Easter but it still arrived on time! Thankyou so much guys.

Skye Coulston

I just want to say a BIG thank you for my beautiful septarian stone pendant and Andy's surprise selenite bday gift! Im very touch, it's very thoughtful and kind! I really appreciate the sweet gesture. Thank you so much!!! Take care x


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